Remembering the 3%

Except for your baby…

Planned Parenthood (PP) and all her ilk are notorious for rephrasing. They are very good at making what they do and who they are more palatable by calling it something different. Connotations mean something in the English language. The way words are used, even if true, can be emotionally and even intellectually distracting. And PP is very good with distracting language.

For example, on PP’s website, they define Abortion as:

“A safe and legal way to end a pregnancy”.

Only half of that is true, and that same half ought not to be.

Notice the language: the language completely presupposes the child is not involved (even though the child is). In other words, whom is abortion safe for, mom or her baby?

If the babies that were drug through PP’s doors without their permission had their heads on their bodies rather than in FedEx boxes underneath receipts, maybe then they could give some personal anecdote into the “safety” of abortion. Like any good group of thugs, PP murders those who would actually testify to the harm of what they do. 
That’s the very nature of abortion. The people abortion actually affects die by definition. Therefore it is an impossibility to hear about how unsafe abortion is from them. Those who are already voiceless are silenced further. But their cries and screams are only silent on our ears, for their blood cries up to Heaven, and God hears loud and clear (Gen. 4:10).

The issue at hand is the fact that “a safe and legal way to end a pregnancy” sounds better than “a legal way to murder your innocent child that is mostly safe to you although lethal to the person you carry.”

Ya, the first one sounds better. Brevity is good I guess.

Defining abortion as “a safe and legal way to end a pregnancy” is similar to Nazi’s defining a holocaust as “a safe and legal way to end a race of people.” By the way, half of that was true then too.

Another word-play going around today by PP’s ghouls is the “3% argument.” The argument is used to try and justify PP’s existence by reminding everyone that the immoral slaughtering of little, innocent babies is only a small portion of what they do on a regular basis. There are 3 primary arguments that shut this down:

1) It’s not true. I don’t want this to be the primary focus of this article, however, if you do research, it can be shown and has been through many credible organizations, that that figure is a misrepresentation. And it should come as a shock to no one that an organization that defends and practices killing babies doesn’t have much of a moral compass to demand honesty. I mean Hitler may have killed 11 million people, but he would never lie about statistics right? I mean he isn’t a moral monster!

2) Even if it were true, it would be completely irrelevant. 3% baby killers are still 100% evil. I guarantee most who love PP would never step foot in a church where the pastor preached racism with 3% of his sermons. That’s roughly 2 sermons a year. Imagine a Pastor, 2 times a year, preaching a sermon about how black people are sub-human animals who deserve to be enslaved and tortured. It wouldn’t matter to anyone if the rest of his sermons were theological gold, that would certainly be enough to leave the church right?

I mean, other than PP’s founder Margaret Sanger, no one in their right mind would appreciate a church like that, let alone fight to keep its 501(c)3 status.

How about bringing the analogy closer to home? Imagine a willing, new mother walked on stage holding the baby she decided she didn’t want, and twice a year, a pastor sacrificed that child to god. How many would attend that church under the argument that “child sacrifice is only 3% of his ministry, the rest is very beneficial sermons, community outreach, and generous financial giving”?

No one would attend a church that killed babies with 3% of their ministry. Why is PP an exception?

3) The 3% (provided it’s even accurate) is more of that word-play mentioned earlier. It’s a new title that is more palatable. That 3% is a figure; it’s a statistic. There is nothing personal about numbers, so it softens the blow. However, what does that 3% represent? Does it just represent a portion of PP’s services? No, it also represents the faces of 300,000 people PP murders every year (a very conservative estimate). When we say “3% are abortions” we are actually saying “300,000 people are being aborted.”

PP murders 300,000 people every year. We can turn that into a statistic, but the 11 million people in 1940 can also be just that.

The estimated population of the world was roughly 3 billion people during WWII. That means Hitler only killed .36% of the total population. That’s less than 1%. Give the guy a break!

The reality is we can turn 11 million into a statistic like .36%, but we can also see reality. That’s a distraction from the truth that 11 million innocent people were murdered.

We need to remember the 3% and shut down PP.

We need to stop calling it 3% and start calling it 300,000.

But keep in mind, 300,000 dead doesn’t sound as pleasant. I mean, “One of the most successful and influential leaders the world has ever known, Mr. Adolf” is certainly a better introduction than “Hitler”.

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