A Bipartisan Hypocrisy

If anything has happened recently to prove the Gospel is bipartisan and transcends the two-party political system of 21st century America, it is the recent drama over comments made by Milo Yiannopoulos.

I have mentioned Milo before, and everything I say next was first said here by Douglas Wilson. However, in my defense, I did have these thoughts before I read Pastor Wilson’s blog.

The Controversy

Allow me to brief my readers of all I know about the situation: I saw Matt Walsh criticize Milo on Facebook for comments regarding pedophilia and child abuse. I then saw Milo strike back at Walsh.

I was going to investigate further, but before even beginning to do so, a video on  began trending online: Milo Yianoppolous in a press conference resigning from Brietbart.

I listened to his speech, and in it he made these points:

• He, a gay man, was molested by two men as a young boy, one a priest (which does not help him overcome the idea that homosexuality is often caused by traumatic sexual abuse in childhood years).

• He has never and will never condone child abuse.

• He did make off-the-cuff, inappropriate remarks on a live-stream internet chat about the age of consent in America being too old.

• The online comments that made everyone upset were edited in a malicious way and misrepresented him.

• He will continue to be provocative and influential in political journalism.

I do not know any more information. I have listened to the tapes of what he said, and the commentary from both Milo and the host are far too explicit and vulgar to link to.

For the purposes of this blog, this is the only information necessary to know: Milo, who is known for his provocative public comments, made remarks online in regards to pedophilia and the age of consent which many have taken to be highly offensive. Some are even saying he condoned pedophilia with his comments.

There seems to be a bipartisan disapproval of Milo’s comments (as there should be). Conservatives and Liberals alike are condemning him. For example, Milo mentioned in his press conference that the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) who was going to have him speak at their conference canceled him. He has a book that is to be released and many conservative publishing companies have dropped the book.

And obviously those on the Left who violently protest to keep him from even speaking on a campus are thrilled by this.

And it is this very bipartisan attack that I want to focus my attention on. As Wilson did in his, let us just grant the worst case scenario: Milo condoned pedophilia. There may be good reasons to object to that, but for the sake of argument, that will be taken as a fact from this point on.

The response to Milo exposes an inconsistency on both the Left and the Right. The response exposes a hypocrisy both political sides are guilty of.

Right-Wing Hypocrisy

Milo is an openly gay man and a conservative journalist. And many other conservatives have been willing to put his homosexuality aside because Milo does other things so well.

Milo, who lives a life of egregious sexual misconduct, who promotes and defends that lifestyle publicly, has been given a pass because he is such a staunch defender of the certain right wing platforms like first and second amendment protection, fighting tooth and nail against social justice warriors, and despising feminism.

Milo was conservative enough for most republicans that his sexual conduct and preferences did not matter… but now they suddenly do.

This is a hypocrisy many on the Right are blind to. A gay man was invited to speak at CPAC, but then was dis-invited because of his taboo comments about a particular sexual activity. Let me say that again, a bunch of conservatives invited a man who lives a life supporting sexual misconduct to speak at their conference, and then dis-invited him when he seemed to support sexual misconduct.
I would like to ask CPAC and all like-minded conservatives one question: By what standard?

What standard are you appealing to which dictates that homosexuality is at worst a mild annoyance, and at best a normalized sexual practice, but then determines pedophilia is a wicked sin which cannot redeem anyone, no matter how conservative they may be?

In short, why does pedophilia disqualify a conservative from being worthy of a platform, but homosexuality does not?

Pastor Wilson says it was permissible for an openly gay, and very vulgar man to be “invited to speak to the bastion of traditional values”, because “the surrounding culture mandates that we be okay with that kind of thing, and conservatives are nothing if not obedient to the demands of progressivism…” However, Wilson exposes the sudden hypocrisy,

“[Y]et it was the work of two minutes to get them to withdraw the invitation to speak because it came out that the good Milo had said something considered immoral by the lynch mob. Immoral? What curious words you people use. By what standard? Who says? Why?… Conservatives still react to some things as though it were the old days. They like pretending that we haven’t actually abandoned ourselves, and like to pretend that we still have a basis for our standards. No, what we actually have is a collapsing moral infrastructure, and some parts of the dam fall down before other parts do. It doesn’t fall down all at once.”

Conservatives simply cannot pretend to be the party of traditional values if the people they choose to promote care so little abut either of those things, and they especially cannot be so arbitrary in which particular traditional values they are going to uphold.

Left-Wing Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy of this very nature is not absent from the Left either. Many of those reveling at Milo’s downfall have led the way in America’s sexual revolution. It is them who have promoted and celebrated abortion on demand, the wide acceptance and practice of fornication provided it is “safe”, and the entire homosexual movement.

They have even moved on to bigger and better things like gender-nonconformity and trans-rights.

So I ask them the same question: By what standard?

What standard do you appeal to which says men can be women if they want, men can love and sleep with men, women can sleep with women, non-married couples can sleep together, people can marry whomever they want, and be whatever they want, whenever they want, but they better not fall in love with someone under a particular age which society has determined too young?

The progressive Left has been leading the charge in tearing down “societal constructs”, but apparently the age-of-consent is one of society’s constructs worth keeping and enforcing.

The Left has been happy to redefine our understandings of marriage, gender, and sex, and have even asked legislation to be the hammer they use to drive their religious understandings of these things down the throats of all dissenters, but then the Left arbitrarily decides that the laws on pedophilia ought not to change, and that there is after all some sexual Standard floating in the Ether somewhere which only applies to pedophiles, but not to fornicators, homosexuals, bisexuals, or anyone with a gender (which is a code-word for this oppressive construct called “biology”).

I need only to remind my readers that there was a time in this country when a person condoning homosexuality would have been met with shame and ridicule as well, and now we shame those shamers. What on earth makes anyone think that in a few more passing generations, those shaming Milo today won’t be shamed for their bigotry?

Let us say Milo believes pedophilia is acceptable… so what?
Milo thinks child abuse is something to joke about…so what?

Who are you, O herald of the Gospel of Relativism, to condemn him? Dost not thine own Relativism teach, “Thou shall not judge”?

This is a nation that has allowed sexual taboos to dissipate; we have been promoting the sexual revolution for years. As soon as God’s standard for sexual ethics was widely rejected, we greased the skids, and now there is no stopping us. This nation has been bending sexual rules, accepting the unacceptable, requiring legislation to protect these modified understandings, and then requiring religious establishments celebrate them for years. Why are we now acting like there is some sexual, objective, immutable standard that people like Milo must adhere to?

When people are protesting to get rid of the taboo around pedophilia because pedophilia is natural, and people are allowed to love whoever they want, which argument from the Christians will the secular Left and the capitulated Right need to steal in order to fight that battle?


Many people on both the political Left and the political Right are laughing at the downfall of Milo right now. But let’s be clear at exactly who they are laughing at.

They are laughing at someone who has hit rock bottom. They are pointing fingers and rebuking him who has crashed into the craggy rocks below, but while they are laughing, they are free-falling without a parachute.

This nation is on the same trajectory. We have no standard holding us back from the absolute celebration of all sexual deviance. We cannot have our cake and eat it too. If our society wants to eat the Secular cake, we need to open wide, chew thoroughly, and swallow every bite.

There is brilliant dialogue in the Batman movie The Dark Knight. The Joker (one of the most epic villains in cinematic history) is being interrogated by Batman himself, and he explains to Batman his view of the human condition,

“Their morals, their code, it’s a bad joke dropped at the first sign of trouble. You’ll see; I’ll show you. When the chips are down these ‘civilized’ people, they’ll eat each other. See I’m not a monster, I’m just ahead of the curve.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly where Milo is, ahead of the curve. In a world without the Law of God, there is no such thing as monsters.

Conservatives and Liberals alike want to put Milo in rags, and lock him in a dungeon where he can lament his sin No-No’s forever.

They cannot do this however, because in reality Milo is at the finish line, on a podium, holding a bouquet of flowers, dressed in drag, flamboyantly waving, and effeminately blowing kisses to all of us exhausted runners panting and heaving our way to the end of this race called the Secular Experiment.

The moral code on fornication and homosexuality was dropped at the first sign of trouble. Decency was abandoned at the first sign of persecution. Liberals capitulated, Conservatives capitulated, and even many churches have capitulated.

Who is to say pedophilia is not going to be the next area of capitulation? What could possibly restrain that? We intentionally poked holes in our canoe, but we then shame anyone who thinks the outrageous thought that we are going to now sink.

Water has been pouring into our boat for years, but those who think we may be sinking are religious, fundamentalist, fanatic, conspiracy theorists.

Well, let me proudly self-identify myself right now: America is sinking, and repentance and faith are the only things which can plug the holes and stop the leak. Faith in Christ is the only thing that can stop the bleeding. Without it, we will simply bleed out, and keeping a smile on our faces while it happens will not change that reality.

Christian, let it be known to you this day: A Christless government does not work, a Godless society cannot function, and unbiblical politics cannot be moral or consistent, no matter if they identify on the Left or the Right.

Being a conservative is not the end goal or the answer. Being Liberal is not an end goal or answer. We must be Christians, and then the Bible and adherence to God’s Laws will take care of our politics.

So repent of your own sins. Show the world what repentance looks like, and then pray for your nation. Pray that we might repent. Pray for Milo.

Then when we lambaste pedophiles it will not be, as the Joker said, just a bad joke.

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