The Origin of Hatred

It doesn’t take much to impress a crowd in today’s America. Secularism is a truly vacuous cult. This is on full display in a former President’s anthropomorphic blunder becoming an avalanche down the social media mountain side.

Obama, in response to all of the Charlottesville chaos, Tweeted this:


A hackneyed rallying cry captioned under a multi-ethnic photographic is apparently the only means to comity today. But what needs to be recognized is the public response to this Tweet exposes that it is religious in nature. This is a secular bible verse, and all of the disciples have come to the alter to pay homage.

But while they do their show-and-dance, the Christian, who knows those gods are false (Psalm 96:5), does not need to take a second glance at this to see how patently flawed the theology is.

It is logically untenable, the idea that hatred for skin color and religion is not innate or natural. If these emotions and behaviors are not natural, but learned, who was the first ever racist? If Obama’s Disney movie anthropology is true, that men are born wonderful, moral, perfect little critters, then who put the racist behavior into the genealogy? If everyone was perfect, then no one ever learned hatred. Logically, someone had to come up with racism or bigotry all on their own.

More importantly, Obama’s secular interpretation of man is unbiblical thoroughly.

The first sin of the Garden was not based on skin color in any way. We do not even know the color of Adam and Eve. Apparently, Moses was not yet indoctrinated enough in the Social Justice paradigm to know how vital that information is. However, the Serpent in the garden did hate these people, and more importantly, he hated the God they worshiped.

In Genesis, before any corrupt society could indoctrinate hate, religious bigotry steps on the scene. And the serpent does something worse than a terrorist attack like murdering innocent protesters with a car, for this sin gave birth to the nature of man which would do use a cat to murder. This was the terrorist attack to initiate all terrorist attacks. The serpent tempted man, and man fell.

From this, man inherited, and continues to pass on, a sinful nature. Man is in fact so evil and flawed that pleasing God is completely out of our capacity (Romans 8: 7-9). We are dead in sin and by very nature children of wrath (Ephesians 2: 1-4).

This means we are perfectly capable of hatred all on our own. Mankind is a hateful breed. It is who we are. We can only inherit from our forefather Adam what Adam is prepared to give us: rebellion. Hatred is not a learned, societal condition; hatred is a human condition. Hatred, jealousy, bitterness, and anger are as natural to the heart of a man as breathing is to his lungs. Hatred is who we are, hatred is what we do. Every society of men has demonstrated this.

Children are capable of cutting in line, not sharing their toys, hitting their friends, and disobeying mom and dad long before it is ever modeled to them.

The problem for all the secular zealots is that the view of the world from their temple is skewed and inaccurate, their anthropology is simply wrong.

What is the end-game here? What is the motivation behind this worldview running rampant? What’s in it for Obama and those on his team to have such a misguided and positive view of man? It’s obvious, if hatred is something learned, then hatred can be something unlearned. If hatred is something conditioned, then we can be reconditioned, and Jesus is not needed for any of those steps. We get to bypass the cross, both Jesus’ and our own. Mankind gets to take the perilous detour around Calvary, the only place where hatred, racism, and bigotry can truly die.

The end game is to dethrone Christ Jesus and replace Him with the god of government. This is an impotent, careless, selfish, reckless, fickle, and insatiable idol, but it isn’t Jesus, and for the secularists that is what matters. And since it isn’t Jesus, we don’t need repentance; we don’t need faith.

Instead, we need tax-payer funded rehabilitation. We need social conditioning courses. We need sensitivity training. We need education, but the last thing we need is a new birth.

To wrongly diagnose an issue is death. When the symptoms are improperly diagnosed, the medicine prescribed will not work. Thus, the secular view of man will never prescribe what we need. Error begets error. We will continue in constant hatred for one another until we properly diagnose the problem.

What mankind needs is not “to love each other bro.” True love for fellow man is something our hearts are not even capable of. What we need is rescue. We need new hearts; we need to be born again as new creatures, with new desires. We need to be forgiven. We need to be changed.

When hatred is properly defined as an issue of the heart, we suddenly need forgiveness and transformation of a spiritual kind. And this is something only the Gospel provides.

Jesus can do what no idol and no government can accomplish. Jesus can forgive us, Jesus can redeem us, Jesus can change us. Jesus can save us.

A man can shake his head and glare at the racism of those buffoons organized in the neo-Nazi rallies, but he better keep his glare fixed on them, steadfast and unwavering, for every moment stuck on them is a time not spent in self-reflection, staring at his own heart, remembering his own history.

Rebuke the violent thugs of Antifa all you want, but at the end of the day, what are you going to do with your heart? Who is going to pay for all of your sin?

What Nazi’s need is salvation. What Antifa needs is reconciliation. And what each and every person, who are guilty of a lifetime of hatred, bigotry, lust, envy, lies, gossip, selfishness, and malice, what they need is redemption.

We do not need education, government, or sentimental love. We need Jesus.

There is room at the foot of the cross for Nazi’s. They can join hands with all colors, tribes and tongues there. Knees of every color will bow; every tribe and nationality will be present and accounted for at Jesus’ feet. All racists can find healing and forgiveness at the place where sin died and hell lost its victory.

There is even room there for the self-righteous, secular American who thinks hatred is everyone else’s problem but his own. There is room for you too. Your sins can be washed white as snow. Come, drink from the Fountain.

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