Adding Atrocity to Atrocities

There are two kinds of nations who love the shedding of innocent blood. There are nations whose people do this regularly and habitually, in spite of the prohibitions against such behavior, and then there is a whole different kind of nation. One which sheds innocent blood with legislative approval.

A nation that regularly murders the innocent is wicked and deserves judgment. However, there is still more wickedness to grow into. That nation is still not as bad as it could be. To approve of these abominations through law is simply adding atrocity to atrocities. Psalm 94: 20-21,

“Can wicked rulers be allied with you, those who frame injustice by statute? They band together against the life of the righteous and condemn the innocent to death.”

The Psalmist here draws an important point about “those who frame injustice by statute.” Those who would build an infrastructure of unjust laws, specifically, laws which “condemn the innocent to death” are those who cannot be “allied with” God. In other words, to write and support pro-abortion legislation (those statutes which condemn innocent babies to death) is to simultaneously come out as an enemy of God.

Abortion is not a political issue; it is a Gospel issue with political implications. Abortion is not a party platform, but is a practice which throughout Scripture consistently and regularly characterizes God’s enemies.

The Bible gets to define the severity of error. There are points of doctrines brothers and sisters can disagree on, and remain friends with God, and therefore, friends with one another. On every major dispute in the church today, someone is wrong, but they are wrong while still maintaining their peace with God (Romans 5:1).

However, some doctrinal issues cannot be held while also living in the blessing of God according to Scripture, and murdering children is one of those grave errors. You are not an ally of God when you love, support, and practice murder.

This is not to say that murderers cannot be forgiven. If that were the case, heaven would be empty (Matthew 5:21). But it is to say that having a pro-abortion heart is an attack on the Gospel, and makes one any enemy of God (1 John 3:15). To carry out a pro-abortion heart in practice is an attack on the Gospel, and makes one an enemy of God (Exodus 20: 13). And to frame these injustices by statute, that too, makes one a divine enemy.

Thanks be to God, however, for He forgives His enemies. Turn from your sin, repent, and place your faith in Christ Jesus, and you will be saved from the wrath to come.

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