Bracing for the Inevitable Rape Culture

John Calvin rightly identified one of the primary purposes of the Law of God being the restraint of evil. The Law of God is like a damn which holds back the waters of sin.

America’s culture has for many years now been taking hammers to the concrete, and water has been spilling out. The water being held back is a ferocious force, capable of more than we dare to imagine, and the problem for those releasing the damn is that they live in villages below.

harveyWhat we are witnessing in the Harvey Weinstein incident is the realization that once the damn has been broken, water is going to get into our homes. Harvey Weinstein, for those who have not heard, has been, for years, a person of great importance in Hollywood, primarily as a producer, but was successful in other areas too. He also was well-known in the political arena as he was a prominent financial donor and advocate for liberal politicians like Hillary Clinton.

Recently, he has fled out of the nation for “rehabilitation” as a number of women have come out and accused him of sexual assault and rape. Weinstein was, at worst, a serial rapist, and a serial sexual assailant at best, and the testimonies support the former. Using the power of his position, he abused and preyed upon young women desperate to make it into the industry, of which he had so much authority.

In the continued wake of this, a movement has started online known as the “Me, Too” movement. The #metoo began as a way for women to publicly admit that they have been victims of sexual assault.  The goal (I am assuming) is to bring awareness to just how many women have been victims of sexual cruelty, with little to no justice being obtained in the process.

What This Post Is Not Saying

Let me be clear with my intentions for this post right from the get-go as I try and anticipate how some may be tempted to interpret me. Allow me to explain what is not happening in this post.

First, I am not condoning rape or sexual abuse of any kind. God hates it and will punish it severely. In fact, I hate sexual abuse more than the many folks who inhabit this American culture alongside me, because I call it sin. I call those guilty of this sin sinners. It’s not a “mistake” of the “ill,” but a wicked sin of a sinner.

Second, I am not condemning any woman who has participated in the “Me Too” fad, nor am I trying to communicate women do not have the right to express grievances over sexual abuse. I do have issues with a lot of what’s going on with the hashtag, but I am not addressing those concerns here.

Third, I am not claiming that rape did not exist prior to secularized America. Sexual sin existed long before the novel religion of Secularism came into being. However, sin is always caused by people and religions refusing to bow their knee to God’s Law. Thus, Secularism is not the only factory of sexual sin, but it is our factory for sexual sin. It is not responsible for all sexual sin everywhere, but it is responsible for our current state of affairs. All false religions reject God in different ways, and that rejection always leads to sins which are common to man. My contention is that Secularism is the generator of sexual sin, and remains a slippery slope for a continued slide into more sexual sin.

Secularism’s Crusade

The Secular worldview in this nation has been on a crusade against God’s righteous decrees of human sexuality. Our nation runs rampant with fornication (pre-marital), adultery, and lust. Some married couples have “open-marriages,” which is ecclesiastical jargon for what we in the Christian tradition call “unfaithfulness.” They principles established the growing acceptance of “gay-marriage” have opened up the floodgates for the abolition of marriage. Now, through the “love is all that matters” approach to sexuality, even things like polygamy, incest, and pedophilia are on the table.

Perhaps nothing demonstrates our lack of sexual ethics as the widespread pornography usage in our country. Today professional marriage counselors will encourage couples to watch pornography together. And let’s not even get started on the pornography. This is an industry more lucrative and powerful than most in the world. And the reason is because of such a high demand.

Porn is one of the greatest means toward the abuse and enslavement of women, but never mind that. Sexual promiscuity is too important for “feminists” to care about all that stuff. That is why we live in such a pornographic culture. From the rampant use of porn, to the gradual decline of Hollywood movies, and their constant need to sell tickets by putting in raunchy, inappropriate sex scenes, it is clear that lust is as natural and accepted in our culture as is breathing.

Homosexuality was the first sacred cow. The Bible clearly prohibits that and warns us of the dangers of that lifestyle. But men have been unashamedly sleeping with men for a long time, and women have done the same. Now, it’s nearly a legal crime to express disapproval of that fact. However, the LGBTQ hysteria has evolved into something almost more difficult to comprehend, transgenderism.

All this wonderful “progress” has created a system where manhood and womanhood are archaic words we scratch our heads at and try to remember what they mean. Are those words from Shakespeare or something?

We now find ourselves in a nation where boys can be girls and girls can be boys, and since those words have no objective definition, that sentence hardly stands on its own.

Allegedly, gender is a “social-construct” and is therefore fluid and relative. We have lost all sense of what a men and women are. We cannot even define sexuality, let alone create sexual standards.

Douglas Wilson put it this way,

“We have spent millions [of dollars] on sex education and to what result? The whole country has now officially descended into the maelstrom condition of not knowing the difference between boys and girls, and not a few young people are lining up at AMA-approved hospitals to have their genitalia mutilated for ready money. In the old days, professionally-trained doctors would fix you for money. Now they fix you for money.”

The transgender movement is the nail in the coffin for Secularism’s sexual ethics. The worldview is so hollow and false, that when all of its presuppositions are carried out consistently, there ceases to be men and women. Seventy genders and counting must be added to the English language thanks to the rejection of Scripture over our lives.

The anthem of this nation is that people can have sex whenever they want, with whomever they want, as whatever they want.

To top it all off, when people sin the natural way, heterosexually, sometimes their bodies do what God designed them to do, which is work. Our bodies were made to create children.

And when our bodies work those natural consequences that arise from natural unions can be swiftly terminated. Beautiful babies are created from these out-of-context unions, and then people murder them.

Not only does this nation allow and promote any kind of sexual perversion, it engages in further immorality to cover up all consequences of its perversion.

And what has been the foundation for all of this? Autonomy and hedonism. Whatever feels good is good, and no external law is allowed to have any authority over someone’s life and body.

Secularism’s Impotency

Weinstein’s behavior is the inevitable outcome of presuppositions established by the current sexual revolution, and so any attempt to destroy this behavior and change men like him will require the destruction of many other sexual activities our culture has recently decided to celebrate.

The current worldview propping up sexual autonomy does not have an arsenal capable of equipping anyone to fight against the lustful behavior of men like Harvey Weinstein without undoing all it sought out to establish. To put it in cliché terms, you cannot have your cake and eat it too…

The only foot that can be put down with the size and power necessary to stop the behaviors of Weinstein from going any further would have to necessarily be big enough to crush all of the paper-mache idols that have recently been erected along the way. We cannot maintain the principles of Secularism and condemn sexual abuse at the same time. The principles of secular sexual ethics are counterproductive to establishing proper authoritative guidelines.

Jacob and Joseph Philips say this,

“Whatever laudable goals secularists might set as they seek to eliminate rape culture, they will not fully realize their goals so long as their desire to protect victims and destroy misogyny is limited by the confines of hedonism and autonomy.”

Our society has set in motion a sexual revolution, and Secularism cannot destroy what it itself is responsible for upholding. All of us must now must now reap the fruit of its impotence.

When a bowler hurls a bowling ball down those greased ally lanes, he does not do so expecting the ball to obliterate the first three rows of pins, only to abruptly and immediately stop at the last row, never making contact. It does not take being in the P.B.A. to know that’s not how it works.

American culture has greased the lanes, and we are now speeding ahead with full momentum. All of the pillars of sexual ethics God has established are coming down, and coming down hard. This bowling ball has destroyed almost all of the vestiges of Biblical sexual ethics remaining. Some remain standing, but are under assault (i.e. incest). But, there is one pin still standing firm: consent.

Weinstein’s “illness” caused him to cross the one sexual boundary we still have. He was trying to sleep with women without their consent. That last vestige of sexual ethics we all agree on is this pillar consent. We may not sleep with a person against their will. The Bible certainly is not silent on the issue. But I ask, why do we expect this principle to remain standing? Why are we expecting this ball to suddenly stop before hitting this last pin? We already discussed this: it doesn’t work that way.

There is no reason to expect the pillar of consent to remain much longer. Many in the culture are trying to pump the breaks, which is exactly what the “Me Too” hashtag is attempting. But, in reality, they are merely kicking their foot around looking for a brake pedal that does not come with this model of religion.

Potentially, the most thrilling scene in Christopher Nolan’s Batman movie, The Dark Knight, is an interrogation scene between Batman and the Joker. In this interrogation, the Joker states a haunting truth.

After describing the general public’s moral code as “a bad joke” and predicting that, when push comes to shove, “they’ll eat each other,” the Joker describes himself, seemingly wicked and evil, this way:

“You see, I’m not a monster, I’m just ahead of the curve.”

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the exact description of men like Harvey Weinstein provided we continue on this trajectory.

To many, this notion may sound like a wild conspiracy theory. The idea that rape would ever be justified in our societal garden, especially one with such strong feminist weeds growing out of the ground, is simply unfathomable. But hear me out….

There was a time in the nation when someone who was not a prophet by trade could have predicted that America would one day legalize, sanction, and even celebrate, murdering little tiny babies, by the tune of over 60 million. These “conspiracists” may have predicted a nation where mothers would decapitate, burn, dismember, or drown their babies, and they would even pay good money to willing doctors to do so. And to top it all off, the government would know this is going on, and do nothing to stop it.

“Are you insane? America would never do that! We would never get to a point where we are slaughtering our own children, how dramatic!”

That is not a direct quote, but it can be easily deduced that it would be the echo of many past generations had someone predicted the current state of affairs we have found ourselves in today.

The details may not be what would have been expected. Very few people are killing their babies in the streets with guns and knives, which the fictional prediction above would likely insinuate. But Secularism has provided a way of tearing down one of the most important pillars of any society under the authority of Christ: the right to life. Innocent people should not be murdered, especially precious babies, and yet, that is exactly what is going on, in broad daylight. And it’s largely due to the sexual revolution. The secularist sacraments of abortion stems from their theological commitment to sexual and bodily autonomy.

I may not know what it will look like, I may not know the details of how it will be arranged, but the idea that “consent” can remain standing, when every other sexual pillar has collapsed under the weight of Secularism is illogical. It must come down along with the rest.

And if the Lord, in his patience toward sinners, allows us to get there, we will find out that Harvey Weinstein was not actually a monster, he was just ahead of the curve. He was simply acting more consistently with the worldview of his day, the one we teach our children in schools. He was simply more progressed and enlightened than the Neanderthals trying to maintain the ethics from “the good ol’ days.”

And speaking of abortion, none of those children are receiving any hashtag-sympathies. That is a hashtag fad that would have 60 million retweets, but those “Me Toos” won’t be retweeting anything, ever.

We killed them.

The Hope of the Gospel

The condemnation of Weinstein’s behavior requires a transcendental. His actions are wicked precisely because of transcendental truths.

Sex has a proper context.

Human beings deserve love and respect because they bear the image of God.

Physical abuse of the innocent is objectively wrong.

Weinstein’s behavior denied all of these things. He made contrary transcendental claims.

This is why Secularism cannot fight. It cannot provide the necessary transcendental foundations to condemn this man.

What it is that can derail this locomotive? What is it that can stop this momentum? None of the principles of Secularism can stop this train; they fuel this train. The answer is, and always will be the Gospel.

The Gospel is the immovable rock that must come into violent collision with the tides of sexual revolution. It is only Christ crucified and Christ ascended that can change the hearts of men, and establish a consistent, unchanging, objective Law for all men in every nation to obey.

No hashtag can right the wrongs of sexual abuse, only the blood of Christ or the fires of hell can do that.

Weinstein’s secular, European rehabilitation efforts cannot bring him peace, cannot change his heart, and do not have the authority to forgive him what he has done. But Christ Jesus can do all those things.

Pray for our nation. Pray that we would turn to God. Pray for repentance. And pray for personal humility. For those of us not on board this train, full steam ahead, driving off a cliff, refusing our ticket was by God’s grace alone. Had it not been for His mercy toward us, we would be satisfied customers, indulging in every avenue of sin we could find, and giving hearty approval to all those engaged in the same behavior.

We are not better, but we are better off. So, pray for our nation and preach the Gospel. Through the message of the risen Messiah who conquered death and reconciled the world to himself by the blood of His cross, we can stop this train.


2 thoughts on “Bracing for the Inevitable Rape Culture

  1. It was good that you referred to Batman. I keep on thinking about how his actions are something of a chain reaction: He perceives that traditional law and order is powerless in the face of corruption and graft that allows criminals free reign in his city; he suits up as a vigilante who dispenses justice apart from the law; innocents caught in the cross-fire blame him, suit up and try to take revenge, guilty souls who were caught get released / freed and go after him for their own revenge, and to some extent, his presence as a vigilante creates the very problems he suited up to fight against that might not exist otherwise. Christians are like Batman; but don’t realize that systematically, they’re like the Joker, too. Some churches are complicit in hiding sexual abuse in their ranks because it would look bad. They pressure victims to forgive and forget, they tell them not to sue because heaven is riding on this. The church can’t even begin to hope to deal with what it sees is wrong with the world until it takes accountability and deals with it’s own rape culture.
    If the church can’t fix her own sexual abuse problems, then there’s little hope that screaming at the world to change their ways is going to do any good at all.


  2. The Gospel teaches us that “Perfect love drives out fear” and in John 1:5 we are called to be a light in the dark place because no darkness can stay where light has been shed.

    Having been saved by the Grace of God and snatched from the burning fires in Hell – I was surrounded by sexual immortality my whole life . It was instilled in me as “love”.

    This nation isn’t sick on reasoning beyond explanation – We have all the explanation (and necessary information). This county WILL BE SAVED and it’s because we are the true children of God! We already know the truth and the way of the Lord.

    The battle is simple: the devil is looking to seek, kill and destroy anything he can touch and by destroying our families, our beliefs, and our gender he is putting many of us in a stronghold before we can even blink – or realize it is wrong!

    Thank the Lord for the truth in Daniel and the Lion who proved (as countless other stories do) that we can overcome what others try to tell us we are!

    I pray for revival in this country – Which is already happening. The veil is being lifted and the grater truth will rise! All those who speak against Him will have to answer in the final days but as for me and my family – we will serve the Lord!


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