Herod’s Ancient Dream

A Festivus for the Restofus I saw a trend on Twitter for “Festivus” and discovered that Festivus is a made up secular holiday (which apparently finds its origin in Seinfeld). Festivus is strategically placed the day before Christmas Eve, and it is supposed to be a time for secularists to vent their grievances. And I couldn’t be more thrilled. Although it’s mostly celebrated in jest, … Continue reading Herod’s Ancient Dream

Adams State University’s “Sex in the Dark”

Adams State University is my alma mater. I still live in the town where it’s located, and I know members of the faculty and some of the students through my local church. I still care very much for the school, and want to minister to the campus. Last year I heard about an event the school held called “Sex in the Dark.” “Sex in the … Continue reading Adams State University’s “Sex in the Dark”

National Freethought Day

Today (October 12th, 2018) marks another strange holiday in a country that loves to invent new holidays. Today is National Freethought Day, and it is not to be confused with National Freethinkers Day, which is in January.  (That seems a tad redundant. I guess we not only need a national day of prayer, but a national day of prayers too, but I digress.) The website … Continue reading National Freethought Day

External link to Bracing for the Inevitable Rape Culture

Bracing for the Inevitable Rape Culture

John Calvin rightly identified one of the primary purposes of the Law of God being the restraint of evil. The Law of God is like a damn which holds back the waters of sin. America’s culture has for many years now been taking hammers to the concrete, and water has been spilling out. The water being held back is a ferocious force, capable of more … Continue reading Bracing for the Inevitable Rape Culture

Adding Atrocity to Atrocities

There are two kinds of nations who love the shedding of innocent blood. There are nations whose people do this regularly and habitually, in spite of the prohibitions against such behavior, and then there is a whole different kind of nation. One which sheds innocent blood with legislative approval. A nation that regularly murders the innocent is wicked and deserves judgment. However, there is still … Continue reading Adding Atrocity to Atrocities

Government Bigger than Your Uterus

A much anticipated event just occurred at the annual Politicon gathering. Political commentators Ben Shapiro and Cenk Uyger debated each other for the first time. Both analysts are very well admired within their respective political wings, and very disliked among the other. Both have very influential platforms, and so the debate was lively, with around 3,000 people in attendance. As these Politicon debates typically go, … Continue reading Government Bigger than Your Uterus

Protesting the Protests: A Defense of My Behavior at the Adams State Political Protest

On March 4, 2017 there was a local protest that was organized on the campus of my Alma Mater. I heard about this protest last second, and I showed up to engage. After the many interactions I had with a variety of people, I reported some conclusions on my Facebook page. Someone at the protest somehow saw this, and commented on it. The comment was an … Continue reading Protesting the Protests: A Defense of My Behavior at the Adams State Political Protest

Apple Sauce Connoisseurs

I have written much on the issue of abortion, and do not plan to stop. It is hard to say that I am writing about “Abortion” though, because that word really should be considered a euphemism. Abortion is a euphemism for murder, for the murder of a specific kind of person. It is the violent, murder of a baby. Abortion is not only a wicked … Continue reading Apple Sauce Connoisseurs

To Stand Or Not to Stand?

Colin Kaepernick has recently created a national media firestorm. If you have not heard, he has recently decided to no longer stand during the pre-game National Anthems. His reason for doing so is that he feels blacks in America are being systematically oppressed, and therefore, it goes against his conscience to show respect for the nation’s flag that is doing that, or at least turning … Continue reading To Stand Or Not to Stand?

Columbus Day & Darwin

  The Irony  We live in a nation of unbelievers who, on one hand, hate Columbus for his genocide, yet, they turn around and vote to keep genocide “safe and legal.” Assuming Columbus was a mass murdering lover of genocide, he doesn’t hold a candle to 60 million. Our nation is a nation of genocide still. We still love to slaughter innocent people. Only now … Continue reading Columbus Day & Darwin