Some Turretin Quotations on the Atonement

Where the Reformed and the Arminian agree: Christ’s death is sufficient for each and every person. “It is not asked with respect to the value and sufficiency of the death of Christ- whether it was in itself sufficient for the salvation of all men. For it is confessed by all that since its value is infinite, it would have been entirely sufficient for the redemption … Continue reading Some Turretin Quotations on the Atonement

Does Calvin Teach God Damned the Son?

One of Jay Dyer’s most oft repeated criticisms of Calvinism is the idea of Substitutionary Atonement; specifically because he alleges that it logically leads to God damning the Son. This is a blasphemy which destroys the intertrinitarian fellowship. He will usually refer to a blog he collaborated on, helping to curate citations from Reformed theologians saying as much. I am not here to defend every … Continue reading Does Calvin Teach God Damned the Son?

Athanasius and Substitutionary Atonement

Contrary to the claims of many like Brian Zahnd that Substitionary Atonement (AKA Penal Substitution) is absent from the church fathers, the great Athanasius (298-373) shows very early evidence of Substitutionary Atonement (SA) in his great work “On the Incarnation.” I will provide a small sample of some of his quotations affirming his understanding of the doctrine (all citations come from my Kindle version, the … Continue reading Athanasius and Substitutionary Atonement

“7 Reasons Jesus was NOT sacrificed for your sins” Refuted

I have spent a lot of time recently responding to progressive, liberal neo-socinian attacks on Substitutionary Atonement (SA), or Penal Substitution (PSA) and so I decided to keep the streak going. Patheos, which is one of the most popular liberal Christian hubs recently posted an article from Keith Giles who presented some unique challenges to SA. He presented seven biblical arguments I will refute. Cherry … Continue reading “7 Reasons Jesus was NOT sacrificed for your sins” Refuted

Flinching at the Cross

Taking the Good Out of Good Friday Yesterday was Good Friday 2020. I preached a sermon which is typically in line with what I normally focus on during Good Friday services; Penal Substitutionary Atonement. That phrase might be foreign to you, but if you’re a Christian, the concept is not. Otherwise known as Substitutionary Atonement (SA), it is the doctrine of Christ becoming our sin-bearer. … Continue reading Flinching at the Cross