Open-Theism’s Most Unwise God

Introduction In Greg Boyd’s brief commentary on 1 Samuel 15:11 he espouses his Openness reading of “divine repentance” or “divine regret.” From his perspective as an Open Theist, we must read God’s regret with common sense, assuming it means the same thing that it would mean for any person to regret a decision. Here is Boyd in his own words, Common sense would suggest that … Continue reading Open-Theism’s Most Unwise God

TULIP(S): Why I Believe in a Sovereign Decree

Recently, I was talking to some brothers in Christ about Calvinism. Through our conversations it was clear that their primary rejection of Calvinism as they know it was due to the concept of what we Calvinists call God’s decree. In other words, they had some basic understanding of how, in Calvinism, God has decided what happens in history, and given all the evil and suffering … Continue reading TULIP(S): Why I Believe in a Sovereign Decree