John Owen Sets Rome Ablaze

Introduction Roman Catholic apologists, in all of their arguments against Reformation theology, seem to rely most heavily on two strongholds: the indefectibility of their church and the unity of their church. Many debates eventually boil down to “How do you know you’re right when you don’t have the infallible church which Christ instituted?” and “The theology of the Reformers created thousands of denominations!” Rome claims … Continue reading John Owen Sets Rome Ablaze

Dave Armstrong REALLY Wants Me to Prove Sola Scriptura

How ‘Bout Them (Low-Hanging) Apples, Dave? Dave Armstrong is a seasoned, respectable Roman Catholic apologist, and so you can imagine my surprise when I found an article responding to some of my Youtube content at his blog on Patheos. A response from Armstrong cannot be dismissed, so I am writing this reply. But I must first begin by thanking him for his response. Not only … Continue reading Dave Armstrong REALLY Wants Me to Prove Sola Scriptura

Responding to Curtis MH

I am sharing my responses to a recent comment on one of my older Youtube videos hoping it will be edifying. The questions regard how Protestants and Roman Catholics interpret the process of church discipline in Matthew 18. Some format and spelling errors have been corrected, but nothing substantial has been changed. 1) If you teach me a false teaching, using a bad interpretation of … Continue reading Responding to Curtis MH

Three Interesting Quotations from Chrysostom

As I have been reading through Chrysostom’s Homilies on Ephesians, I stumbled upon three very interesting quotations from his first sermon. Sola Fide? That you may not then, when you hear that He has chosen us, imagine that faith alone is sufficient, he proceeds to add life and conduct. To this end, says he, has He chosen us, and on this condition, that we should … Continue reading Three Interesting Quotations from Chrysostom

“How to be Christian” Called Me Out!

There is a very popular Roman Catholic apologist who runs a Youtube channel called “How to be Christian” (HTBC) which I so affectionately refer to as “How to be Papist.” HTBC made a video on justification in Romans 4 which I found contained very poor argumentation, so I made a response video. To my great surprise, HTBC saw it and commented with some questions. I … Continue reading “How to be Christian” Called Me Out!

Does Acts 15 Support the Papacy?

Introduction It is not uncommon for Roman Catholic apologists to point to Acts 15 as to help vindicate the Papacy. For a couple examples, Dr. Robert Sungenis did so here and here. The general claim is that at the Jerusalem Council, Peter led as the supreme authority in order to definitively end a theological controversy. This then set a standard the Christian church would later … Continue reading Does Acts 15 Support the Papacy?

Chrysostom on the Written Word

John Chrysostom (347-407) is widely considered to be one of the greatest preachers of the Christian church. His homilies that have been passed down to us are a rich treasure. Although his tongue was sharper than his mind, his theological insights no doubt carry much weight. His opening homily on the book of Matthew is particularly interesting. He begins the sermon series on Matthew with … Continue reading Chrysostom on the Written Word

Ignatius on Venerating the Saints

Better yet, coax the wild beasts, so that they may become my tomb and leave nothing of my body behind, lest I become a burden to anyone one I have fallen asleep. Then I will truly be a disciple of Christ, when the world will no longer see my body. (Ignatius to the Romans, 4:2) Ignatius wrote a series of “goodbye letters” to many churches … Continue reading Ignatius on Venerating the Saints

Jesus, Calvin, and Holidays

Jesus and Tradition Jesus’ condemnation of Pharisaical traditions seems to supply a sufficient blow to the Regulative Principle of Worship (RPW). Now when the Pharisees gathered to [Jesus], with some of the scribes who had come from Jerusalem, they saw that some of his disciples ate with hands that were defiled, that is, unwashed. (For the Pharisees and all the Jews do not eat unless they wash their … Continue reading Jesus, Calvin, and Holidays

Cyril of Jerusalem Affirmed Sola Scriptura

Cyril of Jerusalem is one of the Christian church’s very early Fathers, and he seems to be one of the strongest testimonies we have to historically lineage of the Protestant understanding of Sola Scriptura. Cyril delivered a number of “Catechetical Lectures.”  In his day, catechism was long series of educational training one would go through before being baptized into the Christian faith. In short, these … Continue reading Cyril of Jerusalem Affirmed Sola Scriptura