Responding to Supernatural Part I: Sovereignty with a Chest

Introduction: I recently finished Dr. Michael Heiser’s book Supernatural. It has been recommended by a good friend, as well as a trusted pastor. After finishing the book, I had conflicting emotions. The book has many positive qualities. I would say the primary thesis of the book is largely established. The book is a challenge to Christians to rethink what the Bible says about the unseen … Continue reading Responding to Supernatural Part I: Sovereignty with a Chest

The Origin of Hatred

It doesn’t take much to impress a crowd in today’s America. Secularism is a truly vacuous cult. This is on full display in a former President’s anthropomorphic blunder becoming an avalanche down the social media mountain side. Obama, in response to all of the Charlottesville chaos, Tweeted this: A hackneyed rallying cry captioned under a multi-ethnic photographic is apparently the only means to comity today. … Continue reading The Origin of Hatred

The CHEMISTRY of Suffering and Evil

Theodicy is the study of how evil and suffering are reconciled with the omni-benevolent and omnipotent God of Scripture. Suffering and evil are often referred to as the Achilles’ heal of Christianity. Expressed often as Euthyphro’s dilemma (created by Plato). It can be stated as a basic, logical argument: If God is all powerful, He could stop evil and suffering.   If God is all good, He … Continue reading The CHEMISTRY of Suffering and Evil