Traditions (2)

In continuing to defend against the biblical attacks presented in 21 Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura, the attention is now turned to a very important issue: Tradition. Rome denies the Bible is alone sufficient as a rule of faith for Christian life. The additional standards Rome requires are the Church and her sacred Tradition. The idea of the infallibility of the church will be dealt with … Continue reading Traditions (2)

A Ship with a Rudder (10,6,16)

Three objections will be dealt with together in this blog as they are very similar in nature as we continue responding to 21 Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura.Reason #10 says “The Canon of the Bible was not settled until the 4th Century.” The argument is simple: how could the Bible serve as an ultimate authority when the Church didn’t know what the Bible was for four centuries?The … Continue reading A Ship with a Rudder (10,6,16)

Ultimate Authorities and the Bible (12)

In the interests of a sermon I am preaching on the authority and sufficiency of Scripture, I went looking about on the internet for some of the common objections to the claims my sermon makes. I found a very interesting link titled Twenty One Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura.  The article by catholic apologist Joel Peters presented much of what I have heard in the past, … Continue reading Ultimate Authorities and the Bible (12)

Religion is Not a Bad Word

Years ago, Jefferson Bethke released a spoken-word poetic video on YouTube titled Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus. The video went viral. It currently has over 30 million views. That’s 30 million. And that doesn’t include views from other YouTube pages that re-posted the same video. It would not be insane to assume the video has been viewed over 50 million times. The video … Continue reading Religion is Not a Bad Word

Muslims and Jesus

There is an article going around my social feeds right now that is very troubling. The article, which can be found here, is titled: Muslims Love Jesus, Too: 6 Things You Didn’t Know about Jesus in Islam. I did know the things listed in the article. However, this article really is a lie. It’s a sinful lie. The reason this bold claim is brandished over the … Continue reading Muslims and Jesus