Open-Theism’s Most Unwise God

Introduction In Greg Boyd’s brief commentary on 1 Samuel 15:11 he espouses his Openness reading of “divine repentance” or “divine regret.” From his perspective as an Open Theist, we must read God’s regret with common sense, assuming it means the same thing that it would mean for any person to regret a decision. Here is Boyd in his own words, Common sense would suggest that … Continue reading Open-Theism’s Most Unwise God

Women in the Pulpit V: What Does the Bible Say?

The Granddaddy of them All This is the final blog post in the series on women in the pulpit, and is the most important. Although a lot of ground has been covered, none so much is important as how the two sides deal with the text of Scripture. Since I very much prefer arguments which go from the lesser to the greater, we will begin … Continue reading Women in the Pulpit V: What Does the Bible Say?

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Women in the Pulpit I: Setting the Stage

The topic of female-pastors has been flowing through my local church recently. I covered it in a Wednesday night class not too long ago, and since we recently started a sermon series on 1 Timothy, the topic was addressed from the pulpit as well. I decided then to respond to some common Egalitarian arguments through this new blog series. To define the term above, the debate … Continue reading Women in the Pulpit I: Setting the Stage

The Universal Achille’s Heel

Douglas Wilson’s mind is blender. In it, he pours whit and brilliance together, and when it is done bouncing around, he pours it out onto a computer for all the world to enjoy. His writings are a place where one can turn to be both entertained as well as informed. He recently wrote a couple blogs responding to some comments from a book written by … Continue reading The Universal Achille’s Heel