God & Hell

Introduction The concept of hell is a difficult one to talk about. Because it is so difficult and controversial, we rarely like to discuss it, but because we don’t discuss it, we open the doors wide for false ideas and assumptions to creep in unchallenged. I recently watched a video shared on Facebook which involved Christian apologist Frank Turek giving an answer to a student … Continue reading God & Hell

Why Christians Should Believe in Hades

Introduction: When most people think of Hades, Greek mythology immediately comes to their forefront of their minds. Hades is associated, nearly exclusively, with Greek myths. However, many Christians may find it surprising, that the word Hades is a biblical word. Hades is Christian theology. Certainly, it is very different from the Greek perception of it. In Greek mythology, Hades was technically the name of the … Continue reading Why Christians Should Believe in Hades