Does Acts 15 Support the Papacy?

Introduction It is not uncommon for Roman Catholic apologists to point to Acts 15 as to help vindicate the Papacy. For a couple examples, Dr. Robert Sungenis did so here and here. The general claim is that at the Jerusalem Council, Peter led as the supreme authority in order to definitively end a theological controversy. This then set a standard the Christian church would later … Continue reading Does Acts 15 Support the Papacy?

Galatians and the Papacy

Paul’s Autobiographical Defense While preaching through the book of Galatians, a portion of the chapter became an interesting look into the first century relations between the people of God and the Apostles, and it dawned on me how powerful of a testimony this passage is against the claims of the Papacy from the Roman Catholic Church. When one reads through or thinks about the book … Continue reading Galatians and the Papacy