Dave Armstrong REALLY Wants Me to Prove Sola Scriptura

How ‘Bout Them (Low-Hanging) Apples, Dave? Dave Armstrong is a seasoned, respectable Roman Catholic apologist, and so you can imagine my surprise when I found an article responding to some of my Youtube content at his blog on Patheos. A response from Armstrong cannot be dismissed, so I am writing this reply. But I must first begin by thanking him for his response. Not only … Continue reading Dave Armstrong REALLY Wants Me to Prove Sola Scriptura

Chrysostom on the Written Word

John Chrysostom (347-407) is widely considered to be one of the greatest preachers of the Christian church. His homilies that have been passed down to us are a rich treasure. Although his tongue was sharper than his mind, his theological insights no doubt carry much weight. His opening homily on the book of Matthew is particularly interesting. He begins the sermon series on Matthew with … Continue reading Chrysostom on the Written Word

Cyril of Jerusalem Affirmed Sola Scriptura

Cyril of Jerusalem is one of the Christian church’s very early Fathers, and he seems to be one of the strongest testimonies we have to historically lineage of the Protestant understanding of Sola Scriptura. Cyril delivered a number of “Catechetical Lectures.”  In his day, catechism was long series of educational training one would go through before being baptized into the Christian faith. In short, these … Continue reading Cyril of Jerusalem Affirmed Sola Scriptura

A Roman Catholic Twitter Debate

Rachel Held-Evans (RHE) is a social justice feminist who blasphemes the name of Christ by self-identifying as a Christian, and masquerading around as a disciple, all the while holding to very few Christian beliefs at all.This makes her frustrating and entertaining to follow on Twitter. She recently posted a Tweet that further demonstrated her ignorance of the Christian worldview. The Tweet was a picture of … Continue reading A Roman Catholic Twitter Debate

The Granddaddy of Them All (1)

I decided not to finish the blog post responding to 21 Reasons To Reject Sola Scriptura with the most important one of them all: Does the Bible teach it? I decided in the next and last installment there is room for a stronger finish. Thus, that brings us to the ultimate issue on the protestant side. A seasoned Catholic apologist will make this the number one response … Continue reading The Granddaddy of Them All (1)

Standing on the Word (18, 9)

The last 7 blog posts of Resisting the Winds have been dedicated to responded to the attacks against Sola Scriptura in Joel Peters’ on-line article, 21 Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura. This 8th post is responding to arguments #18 and #9. Objection #18 states:  “The Doctrine of Sola Scriptura Produces Bad Fruit, Namely, Division and Disunity.” Peters begins the argument with his presupposition:  “If the doctrine of Sola Scriptura were true, then … Continue reading Standing on the Word (18, 9)

Traditions (2)

In continuing to defend against the biblical attacks presented in 21 Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura, the attention is now turned to a very important issue: Tradition. Rome denies the Bible is alone sufficient as a rule of faith for Christian life. The additional standards Rome requires are the Church and her sacred Tradition. The idea of the infallibility of the church will be dealt with … Continue reading Traditions (2)

Because God Said So (11)

When building, begin  start from the ground up. Foundations come first. Walls, windows, ceilings, carpets, those things come later. This method of construction applies to buildings and blogging alike. Hence, in the response 21 Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura, an anachronistic approach is necessary. It is also necessary then that there be some overlap as similar arguments and issues are tackled first. The next installment of the … Continue reading Because God Said So (11)

Rome’s One Legged Stool (12)

In the interests of a sermon I am preaching on the authority and sufficiency of Scripture, I went looking about on the internet for some of the common objections to the claims my sermon makes. I found a very interesting link titled Twenty One Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura.  The article by catholic apologist Joel Peters presented much of what I have heard in the past, … Continue reading Rome’s One Legged Stool (12)