Does Calvin Teach God Damned the Son?

One of Jay Dyer’s most oft repeated criticisms of Calvinism is the idea of Substitutionary Atonement; specifically because he alleges that it logically leads to God damning the Son. This is a blasphemy which destroys the intertrinitarian fellowship. He will usually refer to a blog he collaborated on, helping to curate citations from Reformed theologians saying as much. I am not here to defend every … Continue reading Does Calvin Teach God Damned the Son?

Flinching at the Cross

Taking the Good Out of Good Friday Yesterday was Good Friday 2020. I preached a sermon which is typically in line with what I normally focus on during Good Friday services; Penal Substitutionary Atonement. That phrase might be foreign to you, but if you’re a Christian, the concept is not. Otherwise known as Substitutionary Atonement (SA), it is the doctrine of Christ becoming our sin-bearer. … Continue reading Flinching at the Cross

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Why I Believe In Limited Atonement

This is the third blog in my T.U.L.I.P. series. I am only briefly skimming the very controversial and complicated doctrines of the reformed acronym. My intention is that they would serve as an introduction, not that they would be the presentations to end all debates. However, I do believe the doctrines expressed in the acronym are thoroughly and clearly biblical, and would like to lay … Continue reading Why I Believe In Limited Atonement

Good Friday & the Purposes of the Cross

I wanted to write a brief blog in light of Good Friday, the celebration and memorial of the death of Christ. The Cross is at the heart of the Christian faith, and is seen as being, coupled with the resurrection, the climax of all of history. It is the single greatest event creation will ever know. The Cross accomplishes much, and among all it does … Continue reading Good Friday & the Purposes of the Cross