On Pelagius’ Front Door

John Lennox & Unbelievable? Unbelievable? is doing a U.S. tour, and audio from a Q & A session was posted online. In this audio, much time is spent by the panel members teeing off on Calvinism. For an more thorough discussion, follow this link. I would like to focus only on one comment from the panel which was made by John Lennox. I believe the … Continue reading On Pelagius’ Front Door

The Veil of Ignorance

Dogma Debate Recently, Justin Brierley had a debate with David Smalley on Smalley’s radio podcast show, Dogma Debate. The two were debating the existence of God as argued for in Brierley’s new book. Brierley comes from a very different perspective than I do in terms of theology and apologetics, and thus, the vast majority of his answers went in directions different than I would have … Continue reading The Veil of Ignorance